Farmers' barn shows

Farmers' barn shows

Get answers to all your questions about farm life at the farmers' barn shows! During these upbeat interactive shows, you will learn about bees, milk, fruit and ponies in a musical way!


Altijd al willen weten hoe bijen honing maken, hoe kaas gemaakt wordt, hoe fruit groeit en wat het verschil is tussen een pony en een paard? Bezoek dan ook de boerenkartheatershows en stel al jouw vragen!

Always wanted to know how bees make honey, how cheese is made, how fruit grows and what the difference is between a pony and a horse? Then also visit the farmers' wagon theatre shows and ask all your questions!

... the beekeeper

During the farmers' wagon show 'Busy Bees', the beekeeper will teach you all about bees. Do all bees sting? And how do they actually make honey?

... the cheesemonger

Why does old cheese taste different from young cheese? What kind of milk can you make cheese from? And how does cheese get its colour? During the farmers' wagon show 'Cheese-making Cows', the cheesemonger will tell you more about cheese.

... the fruit farmer

We all eat fruit from time to time, but what is an orchard and why do fruits have pips? To this and more questions, the fruit farmer will answer you during the 'Fruity Fruit Show'.

... the horse girl

The horse girl will teach you all about these beautiful animals during the farmers' wagon show 'Beautiful Horses'. What do you call a young horse? What is the difference between a horse and a pony? And how do you take care of a horse?


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The farmers' wagon shows will be shown at different times throughout the day. Check the information board on the forecourt of the park for the exact times.