Take a look at the bee hives! Here the bees are busy collecting a lot of nectar and making honey together.

Busy bees

Bees make honey, but how do they actually do this? They fly from flower to flower and collect nectar here. They bring the nectar back to the nest where they make honey. The honey is deliciously sweet and can be used on bread, in tea, with yoghurt or anything else. Honey is also rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which gives it medicinal properties. In other words, the bees are very important.

The hive

Will you come and watch the bees make honey? When you visit our hives, you take a unique glimpse into their nest. Safely behind glass, you can see the bees at work.


Good to know!

During the opening hours of the Adventure Farm, you can visit the bees all day.