Meet all the residents of the Adventure Farm in their enclosures.

Visit all large and small animals

Lots of animals live at the Adventure Farm. You can visit or cuddle them in their enclosures! Will you drop by to greet all the animal friends?


Why are pigeons sometimes called homing pigeons? And what is an ornamental pigeon? Visit the pigeons and learn all about these birds

Carp pond

Carp are very big fish and are among the strongest fish in the Netherlands. They are common in Dutch waters and can live up to 40 years! Will you stop by the carp pond to watch these fish in the water?

Small animal tower

Cuddle meadow
Cowshed and meadow
Rabbit and chicken pasture
Riding school and pony paddock
Sheep paddock
Pig farm

Butterfly garden

Butterflies come in all different colours and sizes. There are diurnal butterflies, but also moths. Will you visit the butterfly garden to admire them?