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This page lists frequently asked questions about Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard and their answers. 
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Everything about tickets

I want to cancel or change my reservation, is this possible?

If you have bought tickets via our website, you can change them to another date free of charge. The confirmation e-mail with the tickets will tell you how to change your tickets to another date. Cancelling tickets is also possible, but this incurs a fee.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, please send an e-mail to
We will be happy to help you!

Where do I buy my entrance tickets?

You can buy an entrance ticket for Adventure Farm Molenwaard online.

Should I print out my entrance ticket?

There is no need to print out your entrance ticket. In fact, the tickets can also be easily scanned from a smartphone or tablet. Make sure to download the ticket on your smartphone or tablet first, as a photo cannot be scanned.

Can I also buy my ticket at the box office?

That's not possible, unfortunately. You must buy a ticket online in advance of your visit. This way we can control visitor numbers in advance and ensure a safe situation at our park. Can't make it? Please contact us at or +31 (0) 184 784 111. We will be happy to help you!

Practical matters

What are the opening hours?

You can find the opening hours of Adventure Farm Molenwaard under 'Plan your visit' and 'Practical information'.

Can I use a pin at the park?

At Adventure Farm Molenwaard, you can use debit cards everywhere, whether at the cash register, the food outlets or the gift shop.

Where do I find the park map?

The map of Adventure Farm Molenwaard can be found under the 'Discover the Adventure Farm' in the navigation menu.

Where can I go if I have lost something on the park?

At Adventure Farm Molenwaard, we are happy to help you find your lost/missing property. Send an email to with your personal details and date of visit.

Can I bring my dog in the park?

Dogs are welcome at Adventure Farm Molenwaar, if kept on a leash. However, it is not allowed to take your dog to the activities, animal enclosures, Eatery Molenzicht and the Fien & Teun Theatre (except for assistance dogs). Dogs should also never be left alone.

How can I submit a suggestion or complaint?

At Adventure Farm Molenwaard, hospitality and creating unforgettable memories are paramount. Do you have a suggestion, comment, complaint or compliment? We would love to hear your opinion. Send a message to .

During your visit

What is the safety situation concerning water activities?

At Adventure Farm Molenwaard, we introduce children to the running power behind the Dutch (polder) landscape in a safe, responsible way. At the park, the water level is adapted to the young target group. When you want to make a boat trip, it is possible to use life jackets. Other open water areas at the park are protected by fencing, a green strip and/or vegetation.

Do you have an enclosed area where I can breastfeed or pump?

Yes, we have an enclosed space. You can ask one of our staff at Eatery Molenzicht, which is the restaurant right by the entrance, about this room. They will guide you to it.

Can I borrow a wheelchair at the park?

Yes, we have 5 wheelchairs available at the park. Would you like to borrow one? Then feel free to email with the date you would like to borrow the wheelchair. That way we can reserve one for you.

Rolstoel Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard

Can I buy food and drinks at the park?

Numerous (additional) outdoor catering outlets are open every day at our park, alongside the terraces of Eatery Molenzicht and Pancake Restaurant de Fruitschuur.

We are staying at Holiday Park Molenwaard what happens if the Adventure Farm is closed during my stay?

In case the Adventure Farm is closed during your stay, you can rebook your holiday for free to another period. Of course, you will have to pay extra if that period turns out to be more expensive. Play Barn Molenwaard is open every day.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

At Adventure Farm Molenwaard, you may consume your own food and drink in the park, but not in Eatery Molenzicht and Pancake Restaurant de Fruitschuur and its terrace. Throughout the park there are picnic tables you can use.

Are gluten-free foods available?

It is possible to consume various food items gluten-free at Adventure Farm Molenwaard.

Chips and snacks:
Gluten-free chips and snacks are fried in a separate frying pan in which nothing else is fried except gluten-free chips and snacks. However, this fryer is located in the kitchen where for example bread is also cut, and therefore there will be a very smallchance of cross-contamination through the air.

The choice of gluten-free snacks are frikandells and croquettes. The chip sauce is also gluten-free and packaged separately.

The toasted sandwich is wrapped in a baking paper envelope and therefore does not come into contact with anything else. It goes into the tosti iron in which other, regular toasts are also baked. The sandwich is prepared in the kitchen where for example bread is also cut, and therefore there will be a very small chance of cross-contamination through the air.

All operations are done by catering staff wearing gloves.

If in doubt, we recommend bringing your own food. Do you have any questions about the possibilities? Then contact us at +31 (0) 184 417 066 or email


Can I send a photo, drawing or craft to Fien & Teun?

Fien and Teun would love to receive your best drawings, crafts and photos! Send your posting to:

Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard
Attn: Fien & Teun
Polderweg Oost 5
2973 AN Molenaarsgraaf

Ask your question in person

Were you unable to find the answer? Then ask your question to one of our staff members. You can do this every day between 10:00 and 18:00.

+31 (0) 184 784 111
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