Fien & Teun

Fien and Teun are two cheerful farm children who live on Adventure Farm Molenwaard. Together, they playfully discover Dutch country life on their farm in the middle of the polder! Here they have the greatest adventures with their animal friends and learn all about animal care, nature and the origin of food.

On the adventure farm

Adventure Farm Molenwaard is the farm where Fien and Teun live.Are you coming to visit? Then the farmer and farmer's wife will take you along and show you all kinds of things about life on the farm. Here you can milk cows, drive a tractor, sail in a boat, ride a pony and much more! Get to work with the assignment booklet and become a real farmer, just like Fien & Teun. Of course, you can also meet Fien and Teun at the Adventure Farm and watch the various shows they put on throughout the day! 

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Fien over 2023

Hi, I'm Fien

I am six years old and together with my little brother Teun I have the best adventures on the farm!

I love my friends Sebastian the piglet, Rosa the cow, Stip the Pony, the sheep Mike & Molly and Pim, my dog. I teach Teun all kinds of fun things about the farm and our animals.

Teun over 2023

Hi, I'm Teun

I am Fien's little brother and I am four years old.

Fien says I am very curious and sometimes a bit naughty. I really enjoy playing in the vegetable garden and taking care of the plants.